Superfood Acai Smoothie #VEGAN

Friday, August 4, 2017

You know how you might eat the same thing almost ALL the time but some days it comes out EXTRA delicious haha? That was me, today.

My friend bought me these awesome acai puree packets from Trader Joe's and they've been sitting in my freezer for a week or two.

Confession: I've never had an acai bowl. I know what they are and they look delish but I've just always made my own smoothie bowls at home. I felt like changing it up this morning from my normal routine (chocolate, PB, banana smoothie) so I busted out one these babies and whipped up THEEE most magical shake.

Did you know that Acai has a powerful antioxidant level? It's also pretty low in sugar and contains lots of good stuff (iron, calcium, name a few). Pair that with the SUPERFOODS in my Vegan Vanilla shake and this little smoothie has some serious nutrition packed in.

Here's how I made it:

One packet of Trader Joe's Acai Puree
One Banana
A Handful of Spinach
Ice Cubes and Water


I sprinkled some coconut on top to make it look even prettier and I love the texture in my shake. 

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