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My name is Kelly and I'm 37 years old - I started my fitness journey in May of 2014. I was never much for fitness, I played tennis in High School but definitely wasn't the most athletic. In my twenties, I ate (and drank) whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

By the time my thirties rolled around, I was in the worst shape of my life and the heaviest I'd ever been. I tried everything and I probably really only half tried. When I saw a friend that I had grown up with getting ready to host a 21 Day Fix Challenge. I was curious and I trusted her so I jumped in...little did I know that challenge would CHANGE MY LIFE. 

After one round, I lost 15 lbs. I started to learn what clean eating actually meant (P.S. it didn't include diet soda haha) I jumped in for a second round and gave it everything I had and it was so worth it. 

 The one thing that made the difference for me was the support from my coach and from the other women going through the program with me.

I ended up losing over 30 lbs. and I'm currently in the best shape of my life - still a work in progress but I've come A LONG WAY! I remember the exact moments when I was struggling through those workouts and almost in tears because it was so hard. I could believe that I let myself get here. The next 3 days I was soooo sore, I could barely move...but I kept going because I had support and I had goals that I NEEDED to achieve. 

After only 42 days of following a plan and drinking Shakeology every morning, I couldn't believe how different I felt. It's like something was FINALLY working for me. The workouts were easy to fit in to my busy schedule and Shakeology gave me one, super nutritious meal a day that I didn't even have to THINK about and that was pretty cool for me.

The habits I formed when I started this journey have stuck with me and helped me learn about myself, my health and my passion for helping others. Healthy living has become who I am and I love showing other women exactly what worked for me. If you'd like to learn more about what clean eating, fitness and support can do to change your life, reach out to me.

You can also join me FREE Healthy Hangout Community over on Facebook - I'd love to have you there. 

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