Setting your INTENTION

Friday, June 26, 2015

I've been starting my days a little differently this week. 

My alarm starts ringing, I roll out of bed, get my workout in, and shower...but then I've been making it a priority to be more mindful and spend some quiet time practicing some visualization and meditation.

I use this time in the morning to really clear my mind and set my intention for the day. If I visualize a successful day, week, name it! The further I go - the more amazing things that come to me. I have to admit it also feel pretty amazing when your dreams become your realities.

I've been surrounding myself with smart, savvy businesswomen this week and I feel so AMAZING! I swear that once you give yourself the permission to follow your heart and reach your GREATNESS, you will find awesome opportunities around every corner.

Do you practice visualization within your life or business?

What have you had the most success with when it comes to visualizing a future you love?

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