Spring into Shape!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring is the season of renewal! As outside in nature, so inside in ourselves. Together we will take the time for cleaning out and making way for fresh possibilities and new commitments.

It's a time to revive our senses and expand our horizons. It's a time to begin again.

It's time for YOU to take control of you life and your health. If you are ready to join me, make sure to apply here

I’m on a mission to help my friends feel amazing this year! My girls are confident, energetic, glowing and they WANT to be front and center in every selfie (good side only tho!) While we will get tighted, toned and stronger everyday, this group is about feeling good and owning it

I’ve lost and kept off 30 lbs with this program since 2014 (no yoyo-ing for this chick) and I've managed to transform my career, my mindset, my confidence and my relationships with friends, food, money and MORE. I am living proof that this WORKS. You don't need a fancy gym or expensive equipment (note: cute/sassy workout tops have been proven to help) you just need to BELIEVE in YOU!

Apply NOW to my newest online accountability group so me and you can take this alllllll the way! I want you to dig deeeeep for a mental AND physical transformation. I'm talking some serious Spring cleaning, girl. No negativity, no BS, just us kicking booty and feeling AMAZE.


So what do you get out of this?!?

* 30 minute daily at-home workouts (I'll harass to do at least 5 per week. Hey, even I'm not perfect)
* Daily superfoods to give you energy, satisfy your sweet tooth and make sure you're feeding your inner badass all of the nutrients your amazing body needs.
* Easy-peasy meal plan
* Some of my favorite easy recipes
* 1:1 support from a coach that has survived and thrived through these programs (THAT'S MEEEE)
* Some of my favorite personal development excerpts and exercises to make sure you are taking care of your inner queeeen!
* online accountability group with support from other ladies just like you and your own app to track your progress!
* my best tips for still having fun because, this coach loves her wine
* inspiration, motivation, support, new friends and FUN (I promise I'm fun)

So what am I gonna make you do?!?

First things first, I'm gonna help you choose the workout program and shake that’s best for you and your goals. Then I’ll add you to our private group which is really where the magic happens.

You'll workout, drink your shake, take some sweaty selfies and log in to our private group each day for accountability.

Then you'll connect with the other amazing women in the group, create amazing friendships, have sick results and be FULL of love, life, energy and happiness.

What do you do next?!?

If so:
1. Decide that you are going to COMMIT!
2. Share the idea with a friend (or two) to see if they would want to join you. (This is great for accountability!)
3. Then please complete this application so I can get in touch with you.
4. I'll get in touch with you and set you up to chose ANY program in our library. 
5. We get it done! 


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